Thanks to the tremendous amount of community support, progressive outreach, offsite adoption events, foster care resources, rescue groups, and our shelter partners in the region and out-of-state, we have made great strides in the past several years. With the goal of saving every healthy and adoptable animal, we have been able to achieve our highest pace rates in the shelter's history. Although we have made progress, we understand that this is not perfection. We strive everyday to be a better shelter and with the help of our community, we will continue to improve our practices to be the shelter that the Sacramento residents deserve. 

Help us help our animals! Donate here: 

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Interested in adopting a new family member? Write down the Animal ID and come to the shelter during regular business hours. To get more information you may also call the City of Sacramento 311 Call Center at 916-808-7387 - prefer email? In order for us to assist you, please make sure to provide the Animal ID. Send an online service request to:

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The Front Street Animal Shelter always needs items to make our dogs, cats, and our other furry friends more comfortable. Check out our Amazon wish list and donate today.

Please note that we do not receive information about the wonderful donors who support our shelter through Amazon, so  we are unable to send a proper thank you.  

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Organize a Do-It-Yourself FUNdraiser benefiting the Front Street Animal Shelter. More information →


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Want to be more involved? You can help! Join a wonderful group of people and make new friends - both two-legged and four-legged! Giving the gift of your time is both rewarding and fulfilling - but it is a lot of work!  More information →